Use Bath Time to Learn Chinese Characters

Characters in the TubWhile your kids are in the tub, why not have fun with your second language at the same time!  Your kids can learn how to spell and write words in a second language easily and with laughter! While my children scrub up, we review a few Chinese characters.

I pick up shaving cream at the dollar store and we go to town on the walls in the tub. My son Lucas has just started learning characters at his Chinese school and loves showing me how the simple characters can built upon to make new words.  It is not messy either — the kids love cleaning up the leftover cream on the wall with a little sponge! 

This activity is a perfect example of multi-sensory learning that works well with my children. My son would not enjoy simply writing characters on a piece of paper — that would seem too much like school. However, writing them with shaving cream in the tub — now that is fun! 

Studies have shown that children learn better when they engage with learning materials using multiple senses. Multi-sensory learning occurs when more than one sense is used to acquire and retain information. Combining auditory (learning by listening and talking), visual (learning by seeing and writing things down) and kinesthetic (learning by touching) gives your child three means by which to understand and remember information.


1. Rub shaving cream on the wall

2. I use one of my many books and flashcard sets on Chinese characters to show my children how to write the characters. I grab a few sturdy flashcards like Tuttle Chinese Flashcards for Kids that could handle a few accidental drops from the tub and draw the characters  on the wall in the shaving cream. 

3. My child traces over the character I just made on the wall. 

4. My child then writes the same character in another shaving cream spot. 

5. We erase both characters and he writes it again on his own. 

6. Cleanup is super easy — the kids love washing the walls with their very own sponges after we are done! 

7. VOILA! Chinese characters are indelibly imprinted in his mind but quickly erased from the bathroom walls! 


Happy Educational Tubbing! 


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