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Everyday Words Sticker Book in Spanish

This sticker book has over 200 stickers and is a great resource for those learning their first Spanish words. Pre-readers can enjoy spotting and naming familiar things. Matching the words on the pages to the stickers is great fun and encourages active learning! Illustrated with photographs of Jo Litchfield’s charming hand-made models.

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Spanish Words and Phrases

In the Spanish Words and Phrases card set, each pack contains 50 attractive cards which cover topics such as greetings, introductions, likes and dislikes, colors, animals and counting. Each card has a Spanish word or phrase on one side and English on the other.


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First Spanish Flashcards

These First Spanish Flashcards are a great way to help children learn their first Spanish words. There are 50 cards, each with a word and picture on one side, and the same word, alone, on the other. You can use the cards to play games, or just prop them up around the house or classroom as a reminder.

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Everyday Words Spanish Flashcards

In Everyday Words Spanish Flashcards, the engaging details of the miniature models on these colorful cards will delight young children. Each eye-catching card shows an everyday object, action or character, labeled with the appropriate word, so that even complete beginners can enjoy learning a new language. They are ideal for adults to share with young children who are just beginning to read, and provide fun-filled practice in recognizing words and pictures. An English translation and pronunciation guide is also included.


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Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 is one of the best-known, most successful language programs out there. It uses an immersion method based on visual representations, which helps the child (or adult) learn the language in the same way they learned their native tongue. Their speech-recognition technology corrects pronunciation and accent. Lisa has used this for Greek, and loved it! One of the best parts is that it really gets you speaking right away, so there is an immediate payoff- particularly good for kids. While not marketed to any age group in particular, we think its suitable beginning in kindergarten (perhaps a bit younger depending on the child). They do not need to read to use it.

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Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish (Latin America) Level 1

The main difference between the standard Rosetta Stone and the Homeschool version is that Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 comes with Parent Administrative Tools, which allow the homeschooling (or any) parent to develop lesson plans, manage the student’s progress and track success. The two version seem to be priced similarly, so its really a matter of preference.


The Complete Book of Spanish

This 352 page book is filled with engaging full-color full-color tear-out pages to keep your child interested in learning Spanish vocabulary. This comprehensive guide encourages children to use their language skills to figure out challenging concepts and complete activities. In the back it has a glossary and answer key to help parents and teachers guide instruction. Separate flash cards are included at the end of each unit so that you can continue to reinforce language learning long after the book is completed. The book also includes lots of extras such as reward stickers, recommended books and song lyrics. For grades 1-3.

My First Spanish Word Book

What a wonderful resource to increase your child’s Spanish vocabulary! Instead of using illustrations, this book depicts real pictures so that there is no confusion about the word being shown. The photos are colorful and crisp covering many topics that would come up in a child’s life – such as parts of the body, actions and household objects. Each object shown is captioned in both Spanish and English. This book is a must for any household learning Spanish!


The Everything Kids Learning Spanish Book

The popular Everything Kids Series is popular for a reason – -it works! Jam-packed with activities and puzzles for your child to complete, it keeps interest levels high! Kid-friendly illustrations make the book feel less like a standard workbook but instead like a game! Everything you would want to know as a new Spanish speaker is included – people and places, school, home, time, who are you, food, etc. Included in the book are tips to help learners understand specifics about the language. While marketed as a children’s book, learners of all ages can learn a great deal from this book and enjoy the process! In case you don’t know the answers to some of the puzzles, a key for parents is included in the back.

The Everything Kids First Spanish Puzzle and Activity Book

This book builds upon the first learning book in by the Everything Kids Spanish series. This activity book is filled with mazes, crosswords, hidden picture puzzles, and matching games — all intended on making learning Spanish entertaining! As with the first book (to the left), this collection of activities offers many illustrations to break up the text and enhance learning.


Everyday Words in Spanish: Flash Cards

Use these 104 flash cards for your young learner to expose him to Spanish vocabulary. These cards use photographs instead of illustrations to ensure that the user knows what word is being shown. The English word and the Spanish word are shown on the same side so older learners who can read will not be able to sue these cards to quiz themselves but these rounded cards are perfect for the young child.

DK First Spanish Picture Dictionary

The pictures in this dictionary are rich and beautiful! This dictionary provides the clearest images and explanations that we have found so far! Each word is shown with a clear photograph, Spanish translation, English translation and a phonetic explanation. There are also wonderful little factoids to keep the learner engaged and asks the reader questions relevant to that pages’ vocabulary. Parents can use those elements to further involve children in the learning.


Lightning Fast Spanish

This book is perfect for kids (and parents who don’t speak Spanish)! The author takes everyday situations with your children such as getting dressed, meals, playtime, walks and creates sentences that would be appropriate to learn during those times. It is a great way for parents to learn Spanish as well because the book includes the phonetic pronunciation. Jump to the chapter on toys when you are about to play with your child or read the chapter on dinner time right before you start the mac and cheese so that you can be ready to teach your children Spanish!

Spanish Search-A-Word Picture Puzzles

Why do flashcards when you can do crossword puzzles instead to enhance learning? Find 250 Spanish words hidden in 24 different themed puzzle grid (fruits, clothing, etc.) Children don’t realize that they are building vocabulary as they looks for the words helping with spelling and word recognition. Meant for the more advanced Spanish learner.

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