Spanish Music Recommendations

En Mi Casa

En Mi Casa is an upbeat collection of original songs that invite young children to learn Spanish words from their everyday lives. From washing your hands to setting the table for dinner, these 17 practical songs revolve around activities that your child will encounter on a daily basis. As a result, children will soak in the vocabulary as they sing the songs that have connections to their lives. A lyrics guide in Spanish and English is also included. This CD truly encompasses their company’s motto: “Make Life a Musical.”


De Colores

De Colores is a wonderful CD with such breadth — traditional Mexican songs such as “El Chocolate,” “La Arana Pequenita,” and “La Granja” to a song from Puerto Rico, “El Coqui.” Jose-Luis Orozco’s Spanish is easy to understand and great for both beginner and expert Spanish learners. These catchy songs will have your child dancing along as he learns the language! You may also want to get the accompanying book that illustrates the songs and provides the lyrics.


Diez Deditos

Learn Spanish by dancing and singing along with Diez Deditos’ CD! These authentic, native Spanish songs are easy on the ears and repeat many of the same concepts throughout so that the young learner will easily remember this vocabulary. You may also want to get the accompanying book that illustrates the songs and provides the lyrics.

Cha, Cha, Cha, Spanish

Expand your child’s vocabulary with the songs from Cha, Cha, Cha, Spanish, which teaches the letters of the alphabet, numbers, parts of the body, articles of clothing, and more. This multiple award-winning collection performed by singer and songwriter Jorge Anaya, will have your children up and dancing while they learn new Spanish words! A translation guide is included, providing an easy reference for parents. If you would like to get a taste of what the CD is about, listen to samples on Amazon before you buy.



Putumayo Presents: Latin Playground

The Putumayo World Music collection is not really meant exclusivly for kids – meaning that the song lyrics are not about colors or numbers and the music is not sung in a silly voice to interest children. The Putumayo collection is meant to introduce people of all ages to the music of world cultures. Putumayo’s Latin Playground  is a fiesta of upbeat Latin American music from around the world. If you like this compilation, there are many other cultures featured in the Putumayo collection.


Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish

With Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish, your child will learn by doing with this book and accompanying CD packed with 25 songs and games! This simple CD (just guitar and one vocal) starts off with a short lesson in English to introduce the Spanish vocabulary words that will be sung in Spanish. The book will help out parents who may need to see the written text to absorb the language. Keep in mind that the main vocalist, Ana, is from Spain and uses the vocabulary and pronunciation from that country.


Bilingual Songs: English/Spanish Vol. 1

Bilingual Songs: English/Spanish Vol. 1 includes entertaining songs in both English and Spanish to teach the alphabet, counting to 10, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, colors, food, animals at the zoo, parts of the body, clothing and family members. A full set of lyrics come inside the jewel case to help parents guide their children. Translating songs from one language to another is difficult, but Sara Jordan does it well in this compilation. If you like this collection, Vol. 2 is also available.


Get up and move with your child as you learn Spanish with Muevete, a catchy and energetic compilation. Your child will love hearing these familiar American songs translated into Spanish making it easier to pick up the language. The CD case comes with the lyrics written both in Spanish and English to further aid parents in singing along. If you would like to get a taste of what the CD is about, listen to samples on Amazon before you buy.


Songs for Children in Spanish

Songs for Children in Spanish is a well-done, inexpensive collection of authentic Spanish-language songs. The CD does not have American songs translated into Spanish and so it will give young listeners an excellent introduction to classic spanish songs. Keep in mind that this CD was originally released in 1962 so the 14 songs included are very basic and simple. It does not come with lyrics either but the singers speak in clear voices so it is easy to understand.

La Marcha de las Aves

Michelle’s children both took classes at Susy Dorn’s program in California and loved the music that they learned in the class. In La Marcha de las Aves, Suzy sings in such an entertaining and funny manner — the kids just love her! Often she makes silly voices or sounds that keep children entertained. If you enjoy this CD, there are six others available.

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