Spanish Game Recommendations

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Bilingual Zingo (Spanish & English)

This fast-paced, energetic variation of Bingo is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. With Bilingual Zingo (Spanish & English), kids get a kick out of pulling the Zinger forward to reveal two mystery tiles and attempting to be the first to call out the tiles that match the images on their cards. 8 double-sided Zingo! cards and 72 picture tiles. Both the Zingo! cards and picture tiles are in English and Spanish, teaching and reinforcing vocabulary and spelling (for older kids) in both languages.

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Spanish Bananagrams

With Spanish Bananagrams kids (and adults) can have fun building words in Spanish. You can also get older kids learning to use bilingual Spanish/English dictionaries to look up words- great for vocabulary building and reinforcement.


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Eeboo Spanish Bingo

Eeboo Spanish Bingo is a great game to introduce Spanish vocabulary to young kids, or to reinforce vocabulary that has already been learned. In this version of bingo, the object is to be the first player to fill a card with tiles by matching the pictures; the names under the pictures are in Spanish. A pronunciation key is included. The themes are: nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing, and colors. Comes with a cloth bag for holding the tiles. Great for children ages 3 and up.

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Magnetic Poetry Kids Spanish Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kids Spanish Kit makes learning a new language extra fun. Like mini flashcards to put on the fridge, each double-sided magnet has a Spanish word on 1 side and the English translation on the other. Great for kids or adults learning Spanish, ages 5 and up.


Manzanas a Manzanas

Laugh while you learn with the popular board game Apples to Apples in Spanish, Manzanas a Manzanas. Meant for the more advanced Spanish learner, this award-winning card game will help learners explore vocabulary for making comparisons between different things. A judge needs to decide which player has made the best comparison. Players are inspired to use their Spanish language skills effectively to stand up for their choices.Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events. This fast moving game will reinforce the learner’s vocabulary with the 840 cards included.

Spanish Scrabble

Spanish Scrabble is just like the classic Scrabble, but different letter values on the tiles correspond with Spanish language usage — for example Q is worth 8 points but it is much easier to use in Spanish. If playing with less advanced Spanish learners, perhaps allow students to use English words but if a student makes a Spanish word it is worth double the points. Challenge your friends to a game in Spanish today!



Spanish Monopoly 

This Spanish version of the popular game will have your learner excited to speak in Spanish while they gather as many properties as they can to win! The gameboard, property cards, and instructions are all in Spanish. Your learner will learn numbers and adding in Spanish as well when he doles out money for landing on someone else’s property.

Learning Resources Silly Sentences

Make sentence-building and grammar in Spanish fun with this unique game, Learning Resources Silly Sentences. Great for practicing basic grammar, including sentence building, parts of speech and more. Organize a playdate for your learner and break out this game for laughs and learning!


Juegos de Palabras

In Juegos de Palabras, this fast-paced game will have your learner excited to learn more vocabulary to improve his score next time! Students will use the 126 color coded rods to create as many words in Spanish as they can in 2 minutes! Players are encouraged to create bigger words as they get extra points for using more than two rods in any word. Have fun while reinforcing Spanish vocabulary!

Mix It Up Letters and Sounds

Young learners will recognize letters and sounds at the beginning of simple Spanish words with this fun game! Players say the missing beginning letter sound of a picture tile near the edge of the board and try to match that sound with a letter tile in the center of the board to move forward. The first player to make it all the way around the board wins.

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