Spanish Flashcard Recommendation

Spanish Flashcards by Berlitz

Spanish Flashcards has 50 beautifully designed flashcards to help children numbers, colors, animals, and more! The flashcards help build vocabulary, word recognition, memory and confidence. The cards are also super durable for those small wreck-less hands during frequent handling.

Spanish Flashcards by eeBoo

This collection of simple flashcards is a wonderful teaching aid! Spanish Flashcards by eeBoo helps kids not just with vocabulary but also how to use the word in a sentence. The flashcards come in BIG size and also very high quality so it’s well worth the money. It includes 7 categories: animals, nature, vehicles, clothing, market, colors, and room.


Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards by Brighter Child

Numbers 1-100 creates a fun way for your child to learn their numbers in Spanish. There are 54 cards in the set and reinforces number recognition and counting. The cards are durable and easy to read. These are great cards if you are encouraging bilingual speakers to learn their Spanish and English.

Colors and Shapes by School Specialty Publishing

Colors and Shapes Flashcards is a easy way for children to practice their colors and shapes in both Spanish and English.  These flashcards are an incredible learning tool. There are a total of 54 flashcards in the deck that help reinforce colors, geometry, and reading readiness skills in Spanish.

Spanish Alphabet & Picture Words Pocket Flash Cards

Spanish Alphabet & Picture Words Flash Cards is a very good to start your child off with the basics. The front of the card has the upper and lower case of an alphabet. The front also includes a object that starts with the letter in Spanish. The back has the letter alphabet again but also has the name of the object which makes these flashcards a great tool to learn objects and alphabets.

Spanish Flashcards by Flash Kids

Spanish Flashcards by Flash Kids contains 88 cards and focus on important concepts such as parts of the body, fruit, vegetables, the alphabet, colors, animals, sights words and etc. It has a large range of common vocabulary for kids to learn. These cards are also built sturdy for frequent handling.