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Baby & Toddler Books

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First Hundred Words in Spanish

This revised and enlarged edition of the best-selling First Hundred Words in Spanish is wonderful for getting children started in a new language. Above every large picture there are clear illustrations of each word, with the Spanish word and definite article underneath. This encourages direct association of the Spanish word with the object, making it easy to remember. The large pictures provide plenty of opportunities for spotting the object and repeating the word. A complete Spanish/English alphabetical list of the words in the book, with an easy phonetic guide to the Spanish pronunciation, is also included.

School Age Books

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First Thousand Words in Spanish

First Thousand Words in Spanish is a bright and amusing book, providing a wealth of vocabulary-building opportunities for beginner Spanish learners of all ages. Stephen Cartwright’s delightful pictures encourage direct association of the Spanish word with the object, which will ensure effective long-term learning. You can now find out how to pronounce every Spanish word in this book by listening to a native Spanish speaker on the Usborne Quicklinks Web site. At the end of the book there is an alphabetical Spanish/English list of all the words in the book.


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Very First Picture Book

Very First Picture Book from Usborne is a bright and lively picture word book for the very young, with over 100 objects to spot and name in Spanish.

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First Picture Book in Spanish

With the First Picture Book in Spanish, young children will enjoy lifting all the flaps in this fun and friendly introduction to Spanish. To hear how to say the words, visit and type in the keywords First Spanish.



Mouse Paint- Pintura de Raton

Including both the English and Spanish translations on the same page, this book is great for parents! This book tells the story of three little mice who play in paint and discover what happens when you mix colors together. It will be wonderful for your children to learn this bit of science in Spanish!

Perro Grande, Perro Pequeno

This classic book works wonderfully well as a bilingual text as the concepts are easy to understand. The story follows two dogs and discusses how they are different. As a result, children will learn about opposites and differing interests in an engaging and fun manner. Each page offers the Spanish and English translations so that parents new to Spanish can read it in both languages to figure out meaning. If you like this text, there are five more available in Spanish.



Primeras Palabras

A wonderful first book for your baby’s journey into language! This simple sturdy board book includes both Spanish and English translations of various simple items that a child will come into contact with on almost a daily basis (ball, girl, pants, flower, cat, dog, etc). If you enjoy this book, there are three more in the collection.


Jorge El Curioso Visita El Acuario

Who doesn’t love this funny little monkey who always gets himself into trouble!? In Jorge El Curioso Visita El Acuario, kids will laugh at George’s antics and they learn vocabulary with this bilingual book. We love how this inexpensive book includes the Spanish text in blue and the English text in black so that beginning readers (and probably parents too!) won’t get confused. Each page includes the Spanish and English translations of the story about George’s adventure to an aquarium. Read and find out how George rescues a baby penguin!



La Oruga Muy Hambriente

This popular children’s board book is now available in Spanish! This book is a creative way to teach your child vocabulary (apple, watermelon, pear, strawberry and the days of the week etc.) while your child watches the little insatiable caterpillar literally eat holes through the book. The book is entirely translated into Spanish so it may be difficult for the non-Spanish speaking parent to read. This small board book is a wonderful first book to include in your collection!


Green Eggs and Ham- Spanish Version

Dr. Seuss is known for creating books with hysterical rhymes for children — so how did Green Eggs and Ham get translated into Spanish? While the translators needed to make a few adjustments to the original text, the overall effect is fantastic! The story remains so funny — the character Sam is trying to get another character to eat green eggs and ham. This book also works well as a Spanish text for learners in that the words are repeated often on each page so that by the end of the book, children will know the vocabulary that they have heard on almost every page. This version does not come with English translations.



Buenas Noches, Luna

This popular children’s bedtime story is faithfully translated into Spanish for your little learner. The little bunny says goodnight to many objects in his room as he falls asleep. Parents can point to the various items that the little bunny mentions reinforcing vocabulary while reading a beautiful classic story. No English is included in the text.

Charlotte’s Web- Spanish

This classic tale about the special friendship between a smart spider and a lovable pig is now available in Spanish! Challenge your Spanish learner with this upper elementary text! The faithful translation of this beautiful story will keep your reader’s nose buried in the book. Perhaps the most surprising element of this translation is the alteration made to Garth Williams’ original illustrations so that Charlotte’s web spells out her famous slogans that save the pig in Spanish.


Donde Esta El Ombliguito?

What a wonderful way to introduce your baby and toddler to the parts of the body in Spanish with this book! Your child needs to lift the flap to find where to find the different body parts that are hiding underneath a hat, a cup, etc. This book written entirely in Spanish is a great way to interact with a text while learning Spanish words for simple objects.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- Spanish

Enjoy the first novel of this seven part series that chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter and the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they battle evil and grow their long-lasting friendships. Your child will be gripped by the storyline and won’t even realize that he is learning Spanish along the way! If you have already read the English version, pick up this one to test out your Spanish skills. Fall in love with this charismatic orphan as he learns to overcome the problems of being a wizard and teenager!

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