Mandarin Game Recommendations

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Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

These American-made blocks are just amazing – I have yet to find any blocks that are made with this kind of quality! They are simply beautiful! The Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks serve multiple purposes — each block includes pictures with English and Pinyin words, simplified characters, a side that shows how to write the character, and a side that is part of a puzzle map of China. The bright colors and clear raised lettering on these 32 traditional blocks sets them apart from any other like it on the market. The entire set is handcrafted from sustainable Michigan basswood.

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Magnetic Poetry Kids’ Chinese Kit

Throw the magnets from the Magnetic Poetry Kids’ Chinese Kit on your kitchen refrigerator and your child will get exposed to the language each time he opens it up to get a juicebox! One side of the magnet is written in English and the other side is written in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin. Use the magnets like flashcards to expose your child to over 140 words or encourage your child to use the Chinese particles and category words (“le”, “de”, “ge”,) to compose actual grammatical Chinese sentences. What a great way to get little bite-sized bits of Chinese everyday!

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Fisher-Price Kai-lan Cell Phone

If your child is like mine, she is obsessed with cell phones!  Give your child her own Fisher-Price Kai-Lan Cell Phone and watch her learn Mandarin at the same time! Your child gets to chat it up with Kai-lan from the popular show on her very own phone — in Mandarin and English!  Introduce your child to Mandarin phrases from Kai-lan’s and her friends Rintoo, Tolee, Lulu and Hoho.

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Chinese Shapes Activity Mat

With the Chinese Shapes Activity Mat children learn shapes in Chinese and also English, Spanish, and French. Play the “Find Shapes” game by searching for all of the shapes in the picture. Draw your own pictures on the back side using the step-by step examples provided. Pin Yin is included to help with Chinese pronunciation. Lightweight and thin, these are easy to pack to a restaurant or on a trip to entertain your little ones while they wait for their food to arrive. Use washable markers with placemats, and children can play, write, create, draw and wipe clean and start over.

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Kingka 1 Play and Learn Chinese Matching and Memory Game

Learn 54 Chinese simplified characters while having fun with Kingka 1 Play and Learn Chinese Matching and Memory Game! Kids and adults alike find this creative twist on bingo and memory fun and educational. Based on research, this versatile toy, if used solely as a puzzle, can stimulate visual discrimination, a critical cognitive development in early childhood. This game works well for both speakers of Chinese and those with no prior experience with the language. If you enjoy this game, you can mix additional versions of this game (KINGKA 2 and KINGKA 3) to accommodate a larger group or to further challenge your child.

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Kingka 2 Puzzle, Lotto, Memory Game- All in One 

This award-winning version of Kingka, allows players to play Bingo game in Chinese, English, French and Spanish. Learn some Chinese while having a great time! This game has won awards with NAPPA Gold, Dr. Toy, Mom’s Choice Gold, Creative Child Magazine, iParenting.

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Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Abacus

This brightly colored Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Abacus is a great first calculator for kids to learn counting, patterns, colors and more. The 100 colorful wooden beads slide smoothly on this classically styled, high-quality frame. The abacus is a calculating tool used primarily in parts of Asia for performing arithmetic processes. The abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used by merchants in Asia. Use it to teach your toddlers colors and patterns and your older children how to count using this digital-free “calculator”.

chinese learning materials, teach kids chinese, mandarin for kids, chinese for children, chinese games for kidsTouch Reading Pen: Chinese-English

Touch Reading Pen: Chinese-English is an audio pen that can read pinyin, English or Chinese books by itself! Your child can hear a sentence pronounced in the specially designed Easy Readbook collection simply by bringing the pen over the pinyin or Chinese.  This product does not come with the books but there are tons of books for this technology available on Amazon! Touch-Reading Pen can point to Pinyin or Chinese/English words of compatible Easy-Read books and pronounce them. The collection of reading materials for the pen is vast so your child will never get bored of this toy! Enable your children to get exposed to a variety of texts – with or without your help as they can easily maneuver this toy themselves! FYI: It doesn’t use batteries but rather is recharged by plugging in the USB cable (used for uploading the audio files which are available from cd that comes with the books, or downloadable online at

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E-read Books: Brown Bear Series

With this six ebook set, E-read Books: Brown Bear Series, cute, educational stories about Brown Bear and his family come alive with the use of the Touch Reading pen (see above right)! Chinese characters, Chinese Pinyin and English translation are all heard through this magical device!

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E-read Books: Preschool 600 Words

The three books in the Preschool 600 Words series (to be used with the Touch Reading Pen) include 600 of the most commonly used Chinese characters along with their pictures, Chinese Pinyin and English translation. Also includes related Chinese words and sentences. The special E-read book is the perfect beginner series. It’s fun, entertaining and will help you learn the symbols, pronunciations and characters in a fun and interactive way.

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Chinese Cookbook for Kids

We just love how this set is packaged — in a large, colorful, take-out box! What a great gift to introduce Chinese cooking to a friend or for your own child! The Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook comes with child-friendly chopsticks and delicious and healthy Chinese recipes clearly described for children to understand. Recipes like Spring-a-licious Spring Rolls, Kung Pow! Chicken, and Year-of-the-Monkey Smoothies take your little chef through Chinese cuisine in your own kitchen. The recipes are leveled from 1 to 4 chopsticks so you will know the age-appropriate level for your little chef. All recipes are written in English.

Chinese Language Alphabet Toy

With the Chinese Language Alphabet Toy, kids love to press buttons! Why not have them learn Chinese while they are at it! Your child will learn Chinese words, alphabet and numbers with English translations while playing with this engaging toy. This device captures your child’s attention with bright lights, buttons and 30 songs.

Chinese Learning Touch and Talk Kit

The Chinese Learning Touch and Talk Kit includes 1 LOYO pen and My First Words book set (8 titles) audio file is pre-loaded. This is a multimedia print reader with an in-built speaker and 1GB capacity to store audio files. It is effective in developing listening, speaking and reading skills for young second language learners. Simply by touching ‘sound spots’ on the pages of LOYO touch and talk tech enabled books with LOYO pen, users can listen to pre-recorded narrations of characters, words, pictures, sentences, rhymes or Pinyin as often as they like.

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Stir-Fry Slicing Set

Practice your Chinese cooking vocabulary with The Melissa and Doug Stir-Fry Slicing Set! Your little chef can use the wooden knife to cut up the realistic-looking food items including meat, red peppers, bok choi, shrimp, mushrooms, and snow peas. This high-quality wooden set also includes chopsticks for practice!

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