Mandarin Flashcard Recommendation

Teach Chinese Through FlashCards

Teach Chinese Through Flashcards is a collection of 80 interesting Flashcard Games to make learning characters fun. It covers a range of Chinese learning from character recognition to speech making. These flashcards are easy to use and suitable for kids in all different kinds of levels.

Chineeeasy Flashcards

This collection of simple flashcards is great for parents on the go. It’s super easy just like it says in its name making it convenient and portable. Tones are color coded making it easy to memorize.

Little Pim Learn Mandarin Chinese Flashcards

Little Pim Flashcards are colorfully illustrated making it fun to learn new Chinese words.  There are 45 flashcards and the great thing about these flashcards are that they include teaching and fun activity tips. There is also phonic pronunciation on each card to strengthen speech.

Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flashcards

Tuttle Chinese for Kids Flashcards is a very great beginners tool to learn Chinese. It’s great for children from preschool to elementary level. Tuttle helps kids learn basic words, phrases, and sentences. This set includes 64 cards with categories such as: My family, Numbers, Animals, Food, My Body, Clothes, and My Day. The great thing about this pack is it also includes an audio CD that provides native pronunciation of words.

Berlitz Chinese Flashcards

This is a very good set of flashcards for kids learning Chinese as a second language. Berlitz Chinese Flashcards help build vocabulary, word recognition, memory and confidence. These cards are made very light and also very durable for traveling needs.

Learn Chinese Vocabulary English/Mandarin/Pinyin- Colors, Shapes and Color

Learn Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards are great for kids to learn the basic colors, shapes and colors. This is designed for english speakers to become fluent in basic Chinese. It includes flashcards and an e-book. The great part about is that it includes english, mandarin and pinyin.