Mandarin Book Recommendations

Owl Babies

AsianParent’s Owl Babies is an excellent way to encourage language learning for beginners (ages 1-5) . This hardcover delightfully illustrated book is a story about 3 owls that wake up and sees that their mommy is gone. The worries baby owls awaits their mother and dances when their mother return. This book reassures children that mommy will always return home.

Mama’s Teeth

Mama’s Teeth is a bright and amusing story to tell your kids. Using Mandarin Chinese and simplified characters this delightful book celebrates a tiger mama’s teeth. Each tooth has a characteristics about all mothers. Some are are sharp, some are beautiful, some are talented, and some are scary however everyone of mama’s teeth is used to keep their cubs safe. It’s a heartwarming story told in Mandarin about the relationship between a child and his/her mother.

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Fashion Dolls: China

Fashion Dolls: China is a really fun way to get your child interested in China. Designed for ages 7 and up, this activity book is filled with interesting facts about the food, holidays, traditions, clothing, flora and fauna of China. Usborne’s Fashion Dolls series takes paper dolls to a whole new level, allowing children to learn about culture and customs with creativity.

The Bad Good Manners Book

The Bad Good Manners Book, is an adorable book filled with watercolor characters that teaches a child manners. In a way it’s a “guide to good manners.” The child explores the good and the bad and learns himself what is accepted and what is not. It’s a hard cover book that is great for kids ages 1-6

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear This classic Eric Carle is now available in Chinese! The brilliant and bold colors enthrall children as they start to anticipate which animal comes next. Written only in Chinese characters, you may want to have the English version handy when you read the book. Bring home this family favorite today!

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The Pet Dragon

What a creative way to introduce Chinese characters to your child! In The Pet Dragon, the characters are integrated directly into the illustrations as the story progresses. Children will soon be able to pick out the written characters in other written materials because of the ingenious way they are shown in this book. Told in English, this story is about a little girl named Lin who goes on a journey to find her lost pet dragon.

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Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Under the Stars

Introduce your child to seven Chinese words with this popular character from the Nickelodeon series  Ni Hao Kai-lan. In Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Under the Stars, Kai-lan goes on a sleepover with her friends Rintoo the tiger, Hoho the monkey, and Tolee the koala and see how they learn how to take turns and share, share, share. Your child will love pressing the buttons on the side of the book to hear the words from the story in English and Mandarin. If your child enjoys this book, there are many more products (DVDs, dolls, books, CDs) available from this program.

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SpongeBob and Friends Bilingual Bath Book

Keep your child immersed in Chinese even in the bathtub with this bilingual bath book! The popular character SpongeBob SquarePants is now in Chinese! Written in English and characters, SpongeBob and Friends Bilingual Bath Book introduces six of SpongeBob’s friends as well as each friend’s name in Chinese. Squeeze the book’s cover and your child will delight in funny sound effects.

Misery Moo

Misery Moo is always miserable. He always looks at the downside of things and is super negative about his life. Her friend Lamby Poo is the opposite of Misery Moo. Lamby goes on life loving everything the world has the offer. We all learn that misery loves company and is contagious and now Lamby is infected. Now it’s up to Misery Moo to help Lamby be happy again! Misery Moo is an adorable story about friendship and what true friends should do for each other.



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Gordon & Li Li

This beautiful board book featuring the characters Gordon and Li Li is a great way to introduce your child to words in Chinese. Written in English and pinyin, each page of Gordon & Li Li illustrates just one word or concept — perfect for the baby or toddler learning Mandarin. A glossary in the back of the book shows the English, the pinyin, and the Chinese characters for the words listed in the book. If you enjoy this book, there are two others available in this series.

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No Girls Allowed (Berenstain Bears in Chinese & English)

We just love The Berenstain Bears series – and now it is available in Chinese! This popular American collection of children’s books created by Stan and Jan Berenstain appeals to children and adults alike! Children love the familiarity of the story, characters and kid-appropriate topics and parents love the fact that these bears generally learn a moral or safety-related lesson in each story. If you like No Girls Allowed (Berenstain Bears in Chinese & English), there are many more titles available from

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Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories

Introduce Chinese culture with this beautifully illustrated book for children. Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories is appropriate for grade school children as the stories have limited pictures and detailed text, and the book offers a wonderful peek into Chinese tradition.  These thirteen stories feature beloved Chinese tales retold for an international audience. If you like this book, a number of others are available that cover different Asian countries.

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Goodnight Moon

This favorite classic bedtime story is now available in Chinese characters. Put your little one to bed by reading the Chinese version of Goodnight Moon, a simple and calming tale about a bunny who says good night to everything in his room before going to sleep. If you would like to purchase more classic books from American authors like  Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle, check out the large selection from

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Bilingual Chinese & English

This all time favorite One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss is bilingual in Chinese and in English. This hardcover book has original illustration with original English text, and it is wonderfully translated into Chinese.

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Mandy and Pandy Visit China

Mandy and Pandy Visit China is The Language Playground’s favorite Chinese book suggestion! Written by a father who adopted a little girl from China, the text is written on each page in characters, pinyin and English! In this book, the two main characters travel to China and visit famous sights. BONUS: the book comes with an audio CD that does a great job of narrating the story in Mandarin Chinese and in English. If you like this book, there are four more in the collection.

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