Best Mandarin Word Learning Materials

Spot’s Chinese Dictionary for Baby

Spot’s Chinese Dictionary for Baby is a very fun beginners 18-button sound book. Each page shows playful scenes such as home, park, school, and farm for the child to recognize. There are also sound symbols so your child knows what buttons to press. What a great book to start your Mandarin vocabulary journey!

Baby’s Chinese Picture Textbook (Set of 4)

This set contains four featured books which are: My Family; Numbers; Magic Mirror; Where is Mom.  The books are colorfully illustrated to make it fun and easy to teach Chinese to babies. Baby’s Chinese Picture Textbooks are all bilingual, in Chinese and English, and in pinyin. The books also include activities and stickers.

Learn Chinese Characters with Preschoolers +VCD

Explore everyday words in Mandarin with Learn Chinese Characters with Preschoolers book. If you’re looking for an easy to use and practical book, look no further. Each page a picture, pinyin, english translation, and example how each character can be used associated with the word. This book also comes with a VCD for the child to watch on TV or a computer so they can practice their pronunciation.

Hippocrene Children’s Illustrated Chinese Dictionary

Hippocrene Children’s Illustrated Chinese Dictionary  is an excellent way for young children to learn 500 characters in Mandarin! Which each Mandarin character the child is learning, it’s accompanied with with a large illustration, english translation, and pinyin. A great picture dictionary for young kids to learn their first words.

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