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Lingo’s Market

We are so excited to be able to offer our own app, Lingo’s Market, as a tool for working with your child in French. Lingo teaches your child vocabulary, pronunciation and word recognition as he eats his way through the market. Your child has the ability to push Lingo’s shopping cart through the grocery store, choose what foods he eats and pick which of the eight aisles he rolls down. When your child feeds Lingo, the word is pronounced in French (by a native-speaking child) and displayed on the cash register. Children delight in watching Lingo munch up the food they have selected, waiting to see if he does something silly (sometimes he burps, sometimes he farts…) All the while, they are learning to recognize over 100 food items in French. As a bonus, the app also includes English, Spanish and Mandarin! Perfect for ages 2-7.

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Stack the Countries

What an addictive and educational game to teach children and adults about the world — offered in Spanish, French and English! If you want your little world traveler to know about cities, flags, landmarks, capitals, languages spoken and more about the countries in our world, this game is fantastic. You are asked a question in your chosen language and if you get the answer correct, you get to “stack” that country on a little plate. If you get another question right, you get to put that next country on top of the prior one. The object of the game is to “stack” the countries the best way so that you reach a line in as few countries as possible. While my kids were a bit too young to answer the questions correctly (it is really meant for the older learner), they loved figuring out how to best stack the countries to get to the line. If you don’t know much about geography, then there is an interactive learning section that you can go through first before you play.


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Feed Me!

We just love this app! Little learners watch a purple monster think up a question and then they need to feed the monster the correct answer. Questions asked are about shapes, numbers, colors, sorting, math, and more. We just love this character — he is super cute, makes funny little sounds and interacts with children if they tap him in the belly! Children can just play this game with all of the questions or they can challenge themselves by trying to complete the game by going through the different levels or finishing up a particular subject matter. Parents need to download the free version first and then buy the in-app version in French. If you like this game, it is also available in 12 languages besides French.

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Counting Ants

What an adorable way to learn numbers! It comes for free in English and Spanish, but you can do an in-app purchase to get one of 8 additional languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese and German! Cute little ants ride along in cars reinforcing numbers as they drive along. For example, if your child is on the number 23 he will see three cars with ants which is counted off often and he will need to find the number three written on fruit hanging from a tree. While very simple, it is effective as my children find the happy-go-lucky music and the level of interaction enough to keep on playing.


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Ana Lomba’s French for Kids: The Red Hen

The traditional story of the little red hen comes alive on your ipad. The little red hen asks her friends to help her plant the seeds of wheat Throughout the storyline, children will learn numbers, simple vocabulary, greetings, common verbs (like swim, eat) They won’t realize that they are learning these words as they are intertwined within the story. We love the easy interaction of this app – users can easily switch between English and French, listen to a page again and jump from scene to scene. If you like this app, the company Ana Lomba also has the story Cinderella in French and English.

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The illustrations in this app are just adorable! Meant for a younger audience – toddlers and babies – the animals and objects in this app beg for children to touch them and hear the names in French and English. Children can easily switch between French and English on the main screen. When a child touches an object, the narrator says the word which is followed by the sound that that object makes. The free version comes with just two scenes, but if your child enjoys this game, you can purchase the full app to get a total of nine scenes and 90 objects to explore.


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To the Farm

What a beautifully illustrated app! The “patchwork” look to the illustrations in this app give it a timeless appeal. With one purchase, you get six languages — English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Catalan. This app is great as it “grows” with your child – there are five modes of play for the game starting with just images of different barn animals for babies and toddlers, then progressing to spelling and reading sentences for older learners. The spelling component has children figure out which letter “tiles” fit to make the correct word reinforcing what they learned in the previous level. The final “level” is a story that brings all of the animals in the barn together.

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