Best French Word Learning Materials

First French Word Book

First French Word Book is a very simple beginners word book where your child gets to follow Poppy and Sam at their Apple Tree Farm. What a great book to start your French vocabulary journey! You and your child will fall in love with these adorable characters as you explore French vocabulary with this highly approachable word book.

French Dictionary for Beginners

This isn’t just any dictionary where there are just boring words and definitions! , French Dictionary for Beginners has themes of different activities and groups vocabulary within the themes. Kids can learn over 2000 everyday words in French! Explore all the different ways of traveling all in one page. How do you pronounce all of these words in French? It comes with a link for pronunciation over the internet!

First Fun with French DVD

Explore everyday words in French with your guide, a little girl named Isabelle. Her family does not know how to speak English and so she interprets everything for you! First Fun with French is a fun DVD where Isabelle takes her family around and translates throughout their day. She repeats phrases over and over again in creative ways to help ingrain French phrases into your child’s everyday vocabulary. In case you missed anything — there is also a recap of everything at the end. First Fun with French is the perfect DVD for young learners of the French language.

Everyday Words in French

Everyday Words in French  is an excellent way for young children to learn over 500 words in French! This enchanting picture word books features Jo Litchfield’s miniature hand-modelled characters and objects which capture the attention of young learners. This book includes dictionary, vocabulary builder and spelling and pronunciation guide.

Essential French Phrases

Planning a vacation to France and need a quick and simple guide? Essential French Phrases is a great beginners book for all those common phrases that you  and your child will need when your family travels to France. Want to know how to find great shopping centers? What about the most important question —  where is the bathroom? The fun, bright pictures in this book help make those phrases memorable for both you and your child!

French for Beginners Flashcards

Need to learn to learn French on the go? Take these flashcards with you and make learning French fun! Not sure how to pronounce these words? French for Beginners Flashcards enables you to perfect your pronunciation by listening to the words spoken on the internet. What are some ways that you can make flashcards fun? We have a whole bunch of ideas here in our blog!

First Thousand Words in French IL

First Thousand Words in French  is filled with an abundance of fun French vocabulary and bright pictures depicting everyday scenes including a farm, a house, a school, a kitchen and much more. This book also clearly illustrates concepts such as French action words or opposites creative and funny ways! Every page has a different theme with in-depth vocabulary for each scene. It is a great book for beginners of all ages creating a direct associations with objects and words. Play iSpy with your child using this book! There are lots of funny moments and details that work well for this game. See how we explore language with these kind of books with our family by playing iSpy!

French Dictionary for Beginners IL

French Dictionary for Beginners IL is a wonderful exploration of French vocabulary because it is arranged thematically so words appear in context with topics such as,  “Buying Food”, “At Work” and “In The Countryside” and more. It comes with a pronunciation guide to every word read by a native French speaker in case you are unsure how to say some of these phrases. We just love the humor included on every page to keep both adults and children entertained!

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