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First Hundred Words Sticker Book

This revised and enlarged edition of the best-selling First Hundred Words Sticker Book will delight and encourage children as they learn to read their first words. Above every big, detailed picture you will find the names of some of the objects shown. Your child will enjoy matching the words on these pages to the words on the picture stickers. This encourages the direct association of the word with the object, making it easy to read new words, and reinforces words already known. There are lots of familiar things to find and name, situations to talk about, and chances to guess what will happen next. There are also many opportunities for counting groups of objects, and for finding matching pairs.

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First Hundred Words in English Coloring Book

First Hundred Words in English Coloring Book is an excellent way for young children to learn basic words. 100 everyday words combined with pictures to color in. A valuable vocabulary building tool for children. 


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English for Beginners Flashcards

With English for Beginners Flashcards non-native speakers can learn over 200 words with the help of these flashcards. To listen to the words spoken on the internet, just go to www.usborne-quicklinks.com and type in the keywords: english beginners flashcards.

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First Words Flashcards

With First Words Flashcards, children ages 2 and up learn simple words. This pack contains sturdy flashcards for 29 words and one with ideas for how to use them.


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ESL Active Learning Lessons

ESL Active Learning Lessons is an invaluable resource for English as a Second Language teachers. Each unit provides practice and reinforcement in the use of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Vocabulary will develop as students acquire basic content, concepts, and skills related to a variety of fundamental subjects. Topics covered include: The Human Body, Following Directions, Fruits, Insects, Animals, Money, Measurement, Signs, Plants, Cafeteria, Safety, Weather, and Transportation. 144 pages.

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Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder

With Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder, young children can learn to build over 325 words through three different levels of play including Load a Letter, Word Play and Word Building. Using the included 29 letters your child’s reading skills can take flight. All pieces attach securely to any magnetic surface. -Includes 3 modes of play. Best for toddler-preschool ages.


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First Words Pairs: Farmyard Tales

First Words Pairs: Farmyard Tales is a matching game for two or more players. There are 52 cards (26 matching pairs in this box). Each card pair has a cute picture on it, and the corresponding written word to encourage word association and early reading.  Players take turns flipping over two cards; if they match, you keep the pair and take another turn. If they don’t match, its the next player’s turn. Whoever has the most cards at the of the game wins. Note: To make the game easier for younger players, you can play with fewer cards. For ages 2 and up.

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Grammer & Punctuation Activity Cards

These Grammer & Punctuation activity cards are a great way to get kids aged 6 and up to improve their understanding of English sentence structure and literacy skills. This set of cards contains 50 exercises and a wipe-clean pen to test your child’s grammar and punctuation. Includes rules and helpful hints.


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Phonics Flashcards

Usborne Phonics Flashcards have been created with a language expert, taking into account the latest research on the most effective ways of teaching reading. This pack includes: 44 cards, one for each of the basic phonemes in English, a guide to synthetic phonics, ideas for using the cards and a list of all the phonemes.

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Tricky Words to Spell

Tricky Words to Spell is a great tool for helping your elementary-aged child (ages 6 and up) work on those hard-to-remember spelling puzzlers. This set of cards contains 300 tricky words and a wipe-clean pen so you can test your spelling


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First Thousand Words in English

First Thousand Words in English is a classic Usborne book which has now been revised to include many brand new illustrations.  It continues to stimulate and delight today’s generation of children as it did when it was first published over 20 years ago. It provides a treasury of learning opportunities as an exciting talk-about book for the very young, a stimulating picture word book for pre-readers and a lively source of ideas and spellings for first writers. Stephen Cartwright’s brilliant illustrations, with their wealth of detail and gentle humor, will give many hours of valuable entertainment and enjoyment.

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Word Puzzle Activity Cards

Word Puzzle Activity Cards are a fun way to improve your child’s literacy skills. For ages 6 and up, this pack is is bursting with puzzles and games that will put your child’s word skills to the test. Use the pen to write the answers on the wipe-clean cards.

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