English Music Recommendations

In My House

In My House is a collection of songs written to entertain and delight kids, while teaching them useful English. Introducing kids to words in English they can use throughout their day, these 17 songs are the centerpiece of a rich learning experience. In My House has drawn rave reviews from customers and children everywhere, and the Spanish version has won 3 National awards since its release in early 2009: The National Parenting Center and Parent’s Choice Seals of Approval and an iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Product. As a gift or for your own enjoyment, In My House is a great way to sing, laugh and learn.

Teaching English Songs

This collection of simple, repetitive songs was created specifically for ESL learners. There are downloadable activity sheets included for each song. Sing along, dance, do special actions and play suggested games to use during the song.


Kids in Action

Kids in Action is a great interactive music CDs for young language learners. Performers Greg & Steve are the number one recording act for children in the USA having sold over 3 million albums over their career. Teachers and parents alike know that their motto EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, ENRICH & ENTERTAIN is the key to their long term success. Awards include 8 Parents’ Choice Awards, the Dr. Toy Award, and numerous civic awards and honors.

We All Live Together Vol. 4

Greg and Steve’s classic, lively CDs have long been used at home, in preschool and elementary settings, and other venues for teaching and reinforcing language learning. Vol. 4 has a lot of simple, great songs, including “Days of the Week”, “Bingo” and “Hand Jive”. If you like this, there are 3 other volumes!


Songs and Activities for Early Learners

The songs in this CD teach the alphabet, counting, parts of the body, opposites, days of the week, animals, fruits, shapes, colors and members of the family, through exciting toe-tapping melodies that often incorporate actions for a multi-sensory approach to learning. Beginning writing activities and reproducible crossword puzzles included in the lyrics book, reinforce the concepts learned. The CD also features music-only tracks to all eight songs, enabling students to become real ‘performers’. For ages 5 and up.


Primary Music Box

Part of the popular Primary Copy Collection series, Primary Music Box contains songs to help teachers consolidate language learning in an appealing and memorable way. This collection of photocopiable song-based activities, with clear step-by-step instructions, helps teachers cater for different learning styles. Lesson plans are flexible and divided into steps to make time management easy. Whether you need a ten minute or whole lesson activity, this book and CD has something for you!



Healthy Habits For Early Learners

Suitable for children of ages 5 to 8 years, this CD is a unique collection of innovative songs for young children. The songs cover the food pyramid, nutrients, bones and muscles, the circulatory system, the five senses, dental hygiene and personal and fire safety. The lyrics book contains wonderful worksheet pages which may be reproduced by the classroom teacher. The CD also features ‘music-only’ tracks for performances.



100 Singalong Songs for Kids

This 3 CD set is a great collection of 100 classic kids songs, such as “Do Your Ears Hang Low”, “Wheels on the Bus” and “The Farmer in the Dell”. Although geared towards preschool children, its bouncy, infectious style is also ideal for younger elementary students.

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