Best English Word Learning Materials

My First Word Book

My First Word Book helps your child familiarize with over 270 words that are commonly used. The cute fun pictures are grouped in themes such as animals, home, body, or bedtime. The book is built sturdy to withstand your baby’s abuse. Your baby will love this book!

Very First Words Bedtime

Very First Words Bedtime is the perfect bedtime book! This book is great for babies and they will fall in love in pointing at the pictures and trying to pronounce out the words. Very First Words Bedtime is colorfully illustrated and has common everyday words to teach your kids to go to bed.

First 100 Words

First 100 Words is a bright and colorful oversized board book for your child to start out with.  It features 100 everyday objects for your child to learn. The pictures are bold and eye catching. The book is also made out of sturdy cardboard but soft padded for your child’s hands to hold. First 100 Words can really help your child to build and enhance their vocabulary.

English Picture Dictionary

English Picture Dictionary introduces over 1550 common vocabulary words to your child! The book is created by educators made to help your child absorb the definitions in a fun and interactive way. Each section has fun filled panoramas on different scenes such as home life, classroom life, city life, and etc.

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