My kids won’t watch TV in their second language

I have lots of parents ask me how I get my kids to watch TV in Chinese. The answer is uncomplicated. They either get TV in Chinese or no TV at all. They know the rules. They never ask to watch TV in English simply because they know that it is not an option. They would rather have TV than no TV at all. Simple.

If you are starting out on this second language journey and up until now, your kids have only know TV in English — of course — it will be challenging. AT THE BEGINNING! But if you are firm with your rules and stick with it, I guarantee you that your kids will pick TV over no TV every time.

Now, I am not saying that Mandarin TV takes over ALL TV in our house. For us, TV comes in English on family movies nights on Fridays and when we have non-Chinese speakers over the house for a sleepover. But other than that, it is in Mandarin!

TV is a wonderful tool to introduce new vocabulary that may not come up in ordinary conversation.

“To infinity, and beyond!” — Buzz Lightyear

It is fun! And, gives you a bit of time to tackle those dishes without distractions.

Try it out with your kids, regardless of how many years of English TV they have had prior to this decision! If you are unyielding in your decision, your kiddos will get it and soon happily watch Zootopia in whatever language you choose!

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