Matching Game in Mandarin

chinese-matching-gamesHow can you make learning Chinese characters and words more fun? I was surprised to find my kids just loving this old-fashioned game of memory matching! They loved the challenge of trying to remember where the words were placed and did not realize that they were learning at the same time!

NOTE: Make sure that you print these cards using the DOUBLE-SIDED option so that your child can’t see the words through the paper. The Language Playground logo goes on one side and the word goes on the other.

What you will need: 

How to Begin: 

      1. Download the PDFs  below.
      2. Print out the matching cards, but use DOUBLE SIDED option so that the Chinese matching Gamelogo is on the back and the words are on the front. Why? SO that your kids can’t see the words through the paper.
      3. Cut out the cards.
      4. Place all of the cards in random order on the ground in rows.

How to Play: 

      1. Place all of the cards in even and organized rows so that when your child picks up a card, he/she remembers where it is located.
      2. On your child’s turn, he/she will turn over two cards keeping them in the same place.
      3. If it is a match, then your child gets to keep them as a point. If it is not a match, your child turns them back over in the same spot where he/she found it.
      4. If playing with multiple players, the students take turns turning over two cards at a time (keeping them in the place where they found them).
      5. If a player gets a match, he/she gets to go again. (OPTIONAL: We play where you only get to go once — even if you found a match. This way of playing works best if you have differing levels of students. You don’t want one student getting all of the cards because he/she can keep on going when he/she finds a match)
      6. The player with the most points (cards) wins!








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