How to Find a Helper Who Speaks a Second Language?

You need a little extra help during the day or you are looking for a babysitter to watch your kiddos at night — why not hire someone who speaks your second language choice? A helper who speaks a second language helps not only mom and dad get some time to run errands, but also can act as a language tutor for your child!


How can you find a helper who speaks your second language choice?

  • Post an ad online:Craigslist is a wonderful, free resource to help you find someone who speaks your second language choice. Make sure that you are very specific in the title of your request. For example, “Seeking Mandarin-speaking Babysitter for my two children”. Post it under gigs/ domestic or under jobs/education. 
  • Spare room: If you have a spare room and are open to this idea, offer housing in exchange for babysitting help. Again, you can post this request in under housing/shared and be very specific about what you are looking for in the title of your post. 
  • Au Pair Agency: Go through an Au Pair Agency and get connected to an energetic and enthusiastic person who speaks your second language choice. So many young people would love the opportunity to work abroad and if you have a little extra space in your house, you can get help at a fraction of the price you would pay normally. If things don’t work out with your new helper, most agencies will let you interview and find someone new. 
  • Popular Spots: Create a little flyer with tags with your phone number/email address and post it at places where people who speak that second language tend to frequent. For example, if you are looking for a Mandarin helper, go to a Chinese grocery store and post your flyer there. 
  • Churches: Go to a church that caters to people who speak the second language that interests you and ask them if you can put up a flyer on their community boards. You can search online at churches in your area to see if they offer a service in that second language. For example, maybe a church near you offers a 10 am service in Spanish. That would be a great spot for you to post a request for a Spanish helper. 

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  • In Person: While it can be a little bit daunting, go to a place where you know people who speak that language will be and hand out little flyers about your offering. Attend a church service in that second language and hand out your flyer to everyone leaving the church. Hand out flyers one morning outside of a busy grocery store that caters to people who speak your second language choice on a Sunday morning. Stop by a shop where a lot of the employees who work there speak that second language and give a few of the people who work there a bundle of flyers to hand out to their friends. 
  • Colleges: Many colleges have offices that are devoted to students from foreign countries. Go to those offices and ask if you can put up a flyer as well as post on their electronic job boards for your babysitter position. A lot of students might also be looking for room shares and so if you have a spare room, approaching a nearby college might be a great idea for you to find a wonderful candidate. 
  • Online Groups: Join some yahoo groups with a focus in your language of choice and post your question about finding a helper there. One of the parents in that group might be enrolling her child in kindergarten the following year and will no longer need her helper.
  • Nanny Agency: Many nanny agencies specialize in hiring people just from specific countries. Check out or do a google search for agencies near you. 


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