Mandarin Free Stuff

Check out these handy-dandy free printables that you can use over and over again! If they get lost or ruined, just come back and print them out again!

Chinese Catch the Character Game:

What a fun way to learn Chinese characters! My kids just can’t get enough of this one!
Each card has a few simplified Mandarin characters on it. There is only one identical character in common between each card — and you need to be the first one to find it! The challenge — the same character might be a different color or size on each card! The first player to find the matching character yells it out loud and wins that card.








Chinese Category Game: My kids created lists based on categories (things that are yellow or kinds of dessert) and made them for each other to guess. We did English, character and pinyin versions for each of the lists. By the end, the kids expanded their vocabulary in topics that don’t come up often in our lives!

screen shot of category Game







Chinese Memory Matching Games: You would be surprised to watch how excited your kids will get over this competitive memory matching game. The idea is simple, find the match of simplified character to pinyin or matching picture to pinyin. Can you remember where the match is found?

mandarin kid matching game







Chinese Battleship: Remember that classic game from your childhood — Battleship? Well — here we have it for you in Mandarin! This fun, challenging strategy game re-engineered for your child to have fun while learning Chinese characters!








Chinese Sentence Making Game: Who knew that making Mandarin sentences could be so much fun! Kids create as many sentences as they can with limited characters. The goal is to see how many sentences they can make with the given characters! What a fun challenge! Think of it as Mandarin magnetic poetry!







Chinese Number Chart Challenge:  Do your kids know Chinese numbers from 1 – 100? It is easy once you get the hang of it — in fact — lots of folks would argue that it makes a lot more sense than English numbers (twelve?) Have fun with these leveled challenges!








Chinese Bingo Games: What better way to recognize characters than through play! My kids love to play Bingo. Cut out the words and call them out. Choose to play with either the characters or the pinyin. The kids then use a marker to cross out words that have been called. Whoever gets 5 in a row first wins!








Chinese Sentence Practice Pages: The Chinese Government recommends starting with this list of 300 words to folks just learning how to write in Mandarin. While the first 300 characters are the hardest part of learning how to read Chinese — once you get them mastered — you are well on your way to getting the hang of it.



Chinese Character Practice Pages: Use these pages for your children to practice writing characters.



Sight Words:

Put these site words around your house (notice the parent “cheat sheet” at the bottom of this page to help you out) to surround your child with words! Point them out to your child as you walk around the house doing your everyday activities. This visual representation helps children internalize the words around them.

After your child has seen these words around the house and you talk about them in your daily activities, you can start playing some games with them. Check out our ideas on our blog.