Create Your Own Sentence Game

sentence challenge gameWho knew that making Mandarin sentences could be so much fun! Kids create as many sentences as they can with limited characters. The goal is to see how many sentences they can make with the given characters!   What a fun challenge! Think of it as Mandarin magnetic poetry!

How to Play

      1. Download and print the free PDFs below.
      2. Cut out the characters along the dotted lines
      3. Place all of the characters in random order and watch the magic! See how many sentences your child can make with the characters available.
      4. Don’t know Mandarin yourself? That is ok — my kids have created a handy-dandy cheat sheet with sample sentences for each packet for parents to use as a guide.
      5. Once your child has mastered Level 1, move on to Level 2 and so on. The vocabulary gets harder as you go!
      6. Add your own characters in the blank spots if you want additional words to use with these groupings.

Variations on the Game: 

      1. Self Challenge: Put all of the characters on the table and see how many sentences your child can make in a specific amount of time. My older son enjoys this variation because he likes to challenge himself with the timing. I find that he makes many more sentences than if he does not have the time constraint.
      2. Self Challenge with NO Time Restraint: Have your student make as many sentences he/she can make with the limited number of characters available in each set. We play this game with my younger children because I am more interested in the creation of quality sentences, than the number of sentences they can make.
      3. Student Challenge: Put all of the characters on the table and have siblings (or students/friends) challenge each other by seeing how many sentences one person can make (while the other person is in another room) and then see if the other student can beat his friend’s number.  The person with the most sentences wins!
      4. Teams: Work together as a team to create as many sentences as possible. My middle daughter prefers this variation of the game because she enjoys doing activities together and builds off of her siblings’ ideas.

Mandarin Sentence Challenge Level 1 

Mandarin Sentence Challenge Level 2 

Mandarin Sentence Challenge Level 3

Blank Sentence Challenge for Any Language 






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