Cool New Mandarin DVDs for Kids

New DVDs for kids in Mandarin
New DVDs for kids in Mandarin

The top items on my daughter’s Christmas list this year are new Mandarin DVDs! We go on a lot of long car rides all over California and the new DVDs that the elf brought last year are just not cutting it this year! Newly released DVDs in Mandarin are coming out much sooner than in previous years.  In the past, we would have to wait YEARS for a Western DVD movie to be released with Mandarin subtitles, but now, the wait is over! (Well… not totally over, but much better than before!)

How do you play the Mandarin DVDs? Unfortunately, most of the DVDs in Mandarin need to a region-free DVD player to play them — that said — region-free DVD players are NOT expensive and well worth the cost ! We have converted all of the DVD players in our house to region-free because, for us, the kids get SO much benefit from them. Check out my post here about how we use TV to augment their language acquisition. Just imagine all of the Mandarin words they pick up from just watching Minions!

 Did you know that you can install a region-free DVD player in your car? Check out our post here for details about how we did it. Not willing to fork over the cashola just yet for a DVD player in your car? Get a region-free portable DVD player that you can take with you anywhere — your hotel room, your car or even your couch at home!

Check out these new releases for your Christmas stocking!

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