Chinese Sentence Practice Printables

Chinese sentence printableMy kids love speaking Chinese — they chat with anyone who looks remotely Chinese. However, this year, my focus in on writing Chinese. Our family goal is to get through the  300 Chinese characters deemed by the powers that be to be the most important first words to know.

Below are some free Chinese sentence practice printables that I have given to my children for you to share with your kids. The kids provided the answers — handwriting might not be “perfect” but it works!

I will add more as we get through them!

Focus: /guì

Focus:  跟 /gēn

Focus: 疕/ bǐ

Focus: 到 / dào

Focus: 国 /guó

Focus: 刚 /gāng

Focus: 从/cóng

Focus:  更 /gèng

Focus: 过 / guò

Focus: 边 / biān

Focus: 果/guǒ

Focus: 给/gěi

Focus: 唱/chàng