Chinese Number Chart Challenge

number chart imageMy middle daughter, in particular, loves number charts. She loves the order to it all. Why not do it with simplified characters?

Many young elementary kids — including my own — struggle with this concept of place value in numbers because the American system is not clearly mapped to meaning. What does “twelve” actually mean?

The Chinese numerical system is actually much easier than the American system for children and reinforces the place value concept in the WAY that the number is said. For example, 11 in the American system is “eleven” with no connection to what that word img_6006means numerically. However, in the Chinese system, the word eleven is  十一  (Shí yī) which clearly maps to “ten one” (i.e., the place values of the two digits,

Why use this chart? 

This chart visually shows children the straightforward relationship between numbers and their names — helping kids not only understand Chinese numbers but also the place value of the American system! Win win!