Catch The Character Game Free Printable

My new fav. Seriously. My kids just can’t get enough of this one. Each card has a few simplified Mandarin characters on it. There is only one identical character in common between each card — and you need to be the first one to find it and say it! The challenge — the same character might be a different color or size on each card! The first player to find the matching character yells it out loud and wins that card.

Variations on the game:

Win the pot: Each player starts off with just one card. The rest of the cards are piled in the center of the table. Whoever finds the matching character first says that name of that character and then gets to keep that card. A new card is then revealed on the pile. The player who finds the next match, gets to keep that new card! Repeat until all of the cards in the center pile are gone. The player with the most cards is the winner!

Dump my Cards: Hand out an equal number of cards per person. Leave one card for the center of the table. The goal is for players to get rid of all of their cards by finding a match with a character on the card at the center of the table. If a player finds a character match, he/she shouts out that word and then puts his card on the top of the pile. The players now try to match the top card in their hands with the one at the top of the pile.  No cards left? You win!


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