Battleship Game in Mandarin

battleshipI want my son to love learning Chinese characters. What better way to do that than with a strategy game of Battleship! Your kids will have fun recognizing Chinese characters while trying to sink their opponent’s ships! It is a battle of strategy and language as well as a little luck!

Each battleship download focuses on one set of words (prepositions, verbs, fruits, animals, etc.) I will make more for my kids and post to share with you soon!

Let’s have fun with a great game of battleship while we learn Chinese characters!

What you will need: 

  • Cardstock paper (but not totally necessary)
  • A marker
  • A way to “hide” your game — a book works great
  • Glue


How to Begin: 

      1. Download the PDF below.
      2. Print out the Battleship PDF
      3. Cut out your “ships” and “enemy ships”
      4. Use a book or a piece of card stock paper to hide the battleship papers.

How to Play: 

      1. Place your ships secretly on the MY SHIPS grid while your game partner places his/her ships on his/her grid.
      2. Take turns calling out two characters — one on the x axis (horizontal words) and one on the y- axis (vertical words).
      3. If someone hits a ship, you need to tell the other player which ship was hit (the number of tiles or the name of the ship so that the person knows the size of the img_6389ship).
      4. The players need to tell each other if the ship was sunk (all of the boat’s squares were hit).
      5. Use a marker on the “ENEMY SHIPS” grid to indicate which ships you have hit of the enemy (with an X) and which were a miss (with a O).
      6. Whoever sinks all of the other player’s ships first wins!





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