Teach your child a second language even if you don't speak it yourself. Our mission is to provide ideas and recommendations to help you immerse your child in a second language.
The Language Playground is a place where you will be inspired to teach your children a second language even if you don't speak it yourself. Find out how this mom, Founder of the Language Playground, raises her kids with a love of foreign language and culture.
Lexi's Adventures in China
We know that learning Mandarin can seem daunting at first, but we also know it can be fun and easy!

We're here to help make that possible!

Motivating and Entertaining
We have designed the Lexi's Adventures in China workbook to be motivating, creative and entertaining for your children to learn to read, recognize and write Chinese numbers.

Effortless Learning
While your children are young, learning a second language is effortless with the right tools and habits.

Playful Engagement
Add the component of play to the process and knowledge of a second language becomes even more enjoyable and accessible!

Practice Makes Perfect
This workbook provides ample opportunities for your child to master number concepts in Chinese and giggle along the way!

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